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How is a professional rear seat entertainment system refined?

The screen is shown in box 1 of the video screenshot. From the video, it can be seen that the competitor is using an assembled screen, while the touch screen cable is shown in box 2 of the screenshot.


The Aobenma brand 133 series uses original screens from Quchuang or BOE, with a thickness of 2.25MM. The assembled screen is at 3.5MM and weighs twice as much as the original screen. Thickness is one of them, and the important thing is that the original screen is more stable and reliable.


The Aobenma series products are all dedicated touch screens, with flat cables directly connected to the motherboard. Connecting without using adapter cables minimizes the need for switching. The cables are covered with black shielding film, effectively controlling unstable situations such as jumping points.


In box 1 of the above figure, it can be seen that friends use yellow glue to fix the touch screen. Yellow glue is an electronic fixing glue, usually used to fix components such as connectors that have no external force. The fixed touch screen may detach due to its lack of willfulness and tension.

From the box 2 in the above figure, it can be seen that our friends use red motherboards, while the Aobenma series all use exclusively developed blue motherboards. There is no heat dissipation treatment below the main board of the friend. The Aobenma series products have thermal conductive silicone grease and aluminum plate for heat dissipation below the motherboard, while the 133 series directly uses all aluminum rear shell for heat dissipation.

From the box 3 in the above figure, it can be seen that the screen cables of our company use electronic harnesses, while the AOBENMA screen uses FFC fully shielded cables and comes with a lock to prevent detachment.


Picture: The special dispensing machine for Aobenma products uses imported glue, which is temperature resistant from -40 ℃ to 110 ℃, and can pull up to 5KG after curing. 


Each product has a dedicated fixture for dispensing


The Aobenma 133 series all use aluminum alloy rear housings


Aobenma adopts shielded FFC cables to effectively block interference


FFC cable holders are equipped with locking buckles to prevent detachment


Aobenma adheres to the principle of quality first and adheres to the brand concept. Every step is meticulously crafted and carefully crafted, striving to bring customers satisfactory and reassuring products. Ao Benma also calls on all friends and merchants to adhere to quality awareness, and although competition is fierce, they should not be shoddy!

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