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Car audio and video: integrated rear installation

        More and more modern people are spending more time in their cars, so the car life composed of in car navigation and in car audio has become an indispensable part of the driving life of many car owners.

Car navigation: becoming increasingly popular

        According to relevant data, around 30000 vehicles nationwide were equipped with in car navigation in 2004, reaching 100000 in 2005. However, the astonishing growth rate from 2006 to 2007 cannot be counted. With the increasing maturity of electronic technology, two to three thousand yuan "economical" navigation systems have entered the market, which has had a stimulating effect on consumption. As a result, more and more car owners are incorporating in car navigation systems.

        There are two main reasons why consumers purchase an in car navigator: firstly, it provides "guidance". The in car navigator has detailed maps of over a hundred cities, covering dozens of provinces and cities across the country. When car owners choose their origin and destination, the navigator will provide the most suitable route and voice prompts throughout the process to help them reach their destination smoothly, with an error of only 5 to 10 meters; In addition, there is a "point of interest" navigation, which allows car owners to easily navigate gas stations, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions... even in unfamiliar cities.

Car audio and video: integrated rear installation

       Nowadays, with the increasing number of young car owners, the demand for in car audio and video devices is becoming increasingly entertaining and diverse. From the earliest cassette players to CDs, VCDs, and now popular DVDs, in car mobile multimedia will be the future development trend of in car audio and video.

Due to cost considerations, the on-board equipment of the original car can only meet basic needs and cannot meet the personalized needs of the car owner. Therefore, many car owners choose the more economical configuration of the same model when purchasing a new car, and later install various facilities according to their own requirements. Among numerous aftermarket products, car mounted audio and video devices account for the largest proportion, with sales of car mounted audio and video devices reaching 4 billion yuan in 2004. The main reason why car owners choose rear mounted audio and video is to weigh the performance and price of the product. Taking the car audio system as an example, although it matches the original car style and does not require any modifications, the price of the original audio system is much higher than that of the rear end products of the same brand, even doubling. Moreover, for car owners who pursue sound effects, the original audio system is simply "abusive" to their ears. The rear mounted audio system can be customized according to the car owner's different preferences for music.

        The author found in the Automotive Department Store that multiple brands have launched integrated products with DVD and car navigation, providing not only audio and video, AV input, but also navigation functions. These products can also be integrated with various electronic devices such as MP3 players and undergo functional upgrades at any time. In other words, in the future, just one device may meet all the needs of in car audio and video entertainment. Car decoration experts remind car owners that the rear mounted audio and video system involves the internal wiring of the car. Therefore, when choosing a service provider, it is important to go to large car and department stores.

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