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The exhibition scale reached a new high, and the 2023 China Mobile Expo opened on September 15th

        The 21st China International Motorcycle Expo (referred to as: China Motorcycle Expo), co-sponsored by China International Chamber of Commerce Chongqing Chamber of Commerce, China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, Chongqing Exhibition Center Limited, will be held on September 15-18, in Chongqing International Expo Center.

        As China's only national motorcycle exhibition, after 20 years of development, China Motorcycle Expo has become the world's leading motorcycle exhibition, is the global motorcycle new products, new technologies, an important release platform, leading the industry to develop new trends.

        The theme of this year's China Motorcycle Expo is "Leading the Development of the Industry and Creating a Better Future", advocating the development direction of "Electrification, Intelligent, and Internet Connectivity", and creating a collection of exhibitions, forums, races, performances, and cultural tours as an integral part of the event, It will create a composite ecosystem integrating exhibition, forum, race, performance and cultural tourism, and further realize the functions of colliding cutting-edge ideas, gathering high-quality resources, playing the role of trade facilitation and promoting cultural exchanges, so as to actively push forward the iterative upgrading of China's motorcycle industry and the comprehensive bursting of the innovation capacity of the industry's value chain.

The total scale of the exhibition reaches 160,000 square meters

Covering the whole motorcycle industry chain

        The total scale of this year's China Motorcycle Expo reaches 160,000 square meters, with a total of 8 exhibition halls, of which the indoor display and business area covers an area of 100,000 square meters, and the outdoor dynamic display and interactive experience area covers an area of 60,000 square meters, which is an increase of 50% compared with last year's exhibition area. This year's exhibition brings together leading technologies of the motorcycle and electric vehicle industry from China, the United States, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Britain, Spain, South Korea and other countries and regions, including complete vehicles, parts and components, apparel and cultural goods, service organizations, with more than 700 exhibitors, including more than 70 global motorcycle and electric vehicle brands, debut of more than 1,000 models of vehicles on display.

        This year's exhibitors represent 90% of the industry's outstanding manufacturing capabilities, including EFI systems, shock absorbers, chains/sprockets, clutches, braking systems, tires, frames and body accessories, batteries, instruments, electrical parts, locks, lamps, motors, controllers, chargers, GPS, anti-theft devices, lubricants, and modifications. Anti-theft device, lubricating oil, modification parts, tailgate and accessories, apparel and helmet, etc., covering the whole industrial chain of motorcycle manufacturing.

        This year's exhibition will vertically display the world's leading products and technological achievements of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the motorcycle industry chain; horizontally display the supporting services such as financial investment, foreign trade, video e-commerce, creative design, riding services, cultural communication, etc., and actively create an ecosystem for the development of China's motorcycle industry.


2023 China Motorcycle Chongqing Forum

Gathering of big names to talk about the future of the industry

        The "2023 China Motorcycle Chongqing Forum", co-organized by the China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce and the Organizing Committee of the China International Motorcycle Expo, will be held on September 15 at the Chongqing International Expo Center.

        Under the theme of "Opportunities and Challenges in an Era of Change", the forum will focus on motorcycle development strategies, market status and trends, technology evolution and other hot issues, and invite motorcycle enterprises, technology research and development institutions, investment institutions, major e-commerce platforms, government representatives, Experts and scholars will gather together to talk about the future of the industry from their unique perspectives.

        Meanwhile, in order to expand the new sales mode of video e-commerce, during the exhibition, Jitterbug, Jingdong, Jindoduo and other e-commerce platforms will carry out a number of thematic promotional meetings, exchanges, and symposiums, fully integrating the major platforms, operation service providers, supply chain management service providers and media resources, and expanding the exhibition's diversified trading functions.

Innovative and upgraded online and offline scenarios

Cultivate Chinese motorcycle culture

        China Motorcycle Expo is not only a display and promotion platform for motorcycle industry enterprises, but also an annual gathering place for global motorcycle enthusiasts, making it an annual event for the motorcycle industry in China and even in the world.

        With the upgrading of the online service system and offline theme scenes, this year's event will bring scene-based presentation, diversified interaction and immersive experience to motorcycle enthusiasts across the country, leading the new trend of leisure and entertainment in China's motorcycle industry, and further fostering the motorcycle culture of Chinese characteristics.

        During the exhibition, more than 30 interactive experience activities will be held. The "CIMA Rider" character selection will be held to select industry spokespersons, discover outstanding characters in major clubs, show the style of Chinese motorcycle enthusiasts, and disseminate the positive energy of the riding culture; the "Riding Together in Chongqing" and "Riding Together in Chongqing" events will be held to promote the development of Chinese motorcycle culture. By organizing activities such as "Riding together in Chongqing", "Barbecue in Chongqing" and "Owners' Self-sale", we will guide the motorcyclists to participate in the industry's joint dissemination action, and plan for the development of the large-row motorcycle industry.

        At the same time, motorcycle enthusiasts will be able to participate in safe driving training, brand new car test drives, stunt competitions, "Kinkana Scenario Experience", "C Curve", "CIMA Bike Park" and other rich riding experiences. CIMA Motorcycle Park" and other rich riding experience, one-stop experience of motorcycle leisure and entertainment activities. Through the "Private Riding Secret" route collection, China Motorcycle Expo encourages motorcycle enthusiasts across the country to excavate special riding routes, proliferate the use scenarios of motorcycles and related products, cultivate China's special motorcycle culture, and make the cities and natural landscapes of Chongqing and even the whole world become the display scenarios for China's motorcycle brands.

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