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How to Choose GPS Navigator Correctly

        With the increase in the number of private cars, the demand for self driving tours by car owners is increasing, which also enhances the development of the automotive supplies industry market. GPS products are increasingly receiving attention from car owners because they can play a role in path planning and navigation. But faced with various car navigation systems, many car owners have clearly stated that they do not have a clear concept of what equipment is suitable for them and how to choose GPS products.

1. Ability to search for stars

        The more effective satellites GPS can receive, the stronger its current signal and the more stable its navigation status. When car owners test GPS, they can go to buildings or patios in densely populated areas of the city to observe their satellite search ability. If satellites cannot be searched or signals are frequently interrupted, the quality of this GPS is not up to standard.

2. Look at the workmanship and materials used

        Generally speaking, manufacturers with good workmanship and materials will ensure the production of GPS. For example, the quality of the antenna directly affects the satellite search status of GPS, and the shell of GPS is crucial to the radiation intensity. However, counterfeit GPS usually uses manual workshops, and there is no guarantee of quality or after-sales service. When purchasing, car owners should pay attention to distinguishing the workmanship and materials of these key components.

3. Look at the map

        The accuracy of the map is crucial for accurate GPS guidance. Firstly, brand GPS is equipped with genuine authorized maps, while counterfeit brands often use map cracking to deceive consumers. Therefore, when choosing GPS, car owners should remember to ask the agent whether the GPS is using genuine or cracked maps. Secondly, the car mainly masters some methods for verifying authentic maps. Each GPS vendor has their own set of methods for verifying maps, and car owners can check how to verify maps through the internet when purchasing, ensuring they have a clear understanding.

4. Look at the sign

        What brand should we choose when purchasing GPS? Among the many GPS brands in our country, not many have their own research and development capabilities. Most of them are provided by upstream solution providers, and currently there are only a few solution providers that are doing well in China. The ones with a relatively large market share are Yuanfeng, Meisaida, Aipeike, etc. in Shenzhen. Consumers should also pay attention to whether the brand has its own factory when choosing, which is related to after-sales service.

5. Look at hardware

        Like computer hardware, GPS is a highly concentrated industry with upstream core technology. Due to the relatively small number of navigation components, heavyweight companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Intel (Intel), SIRF (Cerfu, GPS receiver chip manufacturer) control over 90% of the hardware supply. The host part of the navigator includes CPU, memory, ROM (the carrier of the operating system), GPS receiver chip, GPS antenna, screen, speakers, car mount, car charger, and other parts.

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