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Odyssey Allison Special Vehicle Dedicated Business Travel Entertainment System Upgraded

As the backbone of MVP, Honda's twin stars Odyssey and Elison have consistently performed very well, and their advantages of being suitable for business and IKEA are deeply loved by car owners.


The new Odyssey Alison dedicated business and travel entertainment system will be released at the Shenzhen Autumn Exhibition.


256 color full color gamut ambient light, with the option to choose from various favorite color brightness or 256 color automatic gradient.


The atmospheric appearance, non-destructive installation of the original parking space, can be completed by a single installation technician in ten minutes.

Equipped with an exclusive air purifier, a built-in fragrance system, and eco-grade negative ions, it effortlessly eliminates odors, smoke, and formaldehyde, providing you with a healthy driving environment.

It is highly compatible with the original car, with consistent colors and a seamless integration.

Introduction to the Main Functions of the Special Business Travel Entertainment System for the Odyssey Alison Special Vehicle of the Oppenma

1: Adopting an 8-core A53 processor;

2: Android 7.1/8.1 system;

3: 15 inch full view full HD screen;

4: Optional 4G all network connectivity;

5: Built in air purifier;

6: Built in fragrance system;

7: Built in ecological grade negative ions;

8: Non destructive installation of the original parking space;

9: Connecting and receiving power from the original parking space;

10: Convenient installation of hardware sliders;

On July 12-14, the 17011A real car display at Hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center invites you to taste it on-site!

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