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Real time filming of the installation of the new Mercedes Benz rear seat entertainment system in Aubenma

        As a leading D-class luxury car brand, the Mercedes Benz S-Series has always been a benchmark for luxury cars. Its 3165mm ultra long wheelbase allows you to cross your legs at will and leisurely enjoy the natural sounds brought by the Burmester Berlin sound. The original car with S-level luxury configuration or above is equipped with a rear seat entertainment system, which greatly enhances its sense of luxury.

        The professional brand of luxury car rear seat entertainment system - Auburn Ma released a new Mercedes Benz rear seat entertainment system in 2016. The original Mercedes Benz style, 4-core car standard processor, 4.4.4 Android system, non-destructive installation, multi point capacitive touch, 10.1-inch IPS full view screen, 1366 * 768 ultra high definition resolution, and more are all top features of the car's rear seat entertainment system.

Mercedes Benz Rear Seat Entertainment System Product Features:

        Android 4.4.4 Deep Customization System

        1G storage and 8G memory, multi point capacitive touch screen

        10.1-inch 16:9 1366 × 768 ultra high definition resolution IPS full view screen

        Equipped with FM, infrared emission, headphones and external speakers

        With WIFI and Bluetooth, with video input

        Equipped with DTMB high-definition car digital TV interface, touch control

        Mercedes Benz dedicated mounting bracket, non-destructive installation, does not affect headrest lifting

        Different mounting brackets for all Mercedes Benz models

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